Dog-Brothers, Mercenaries, Survivors, Raiders, Heroes, Champions, Thieves, Brigands, Escaped Slaves, Warlock, Petty Noble, Scarred Veterans and Deadly Assassins- the titles and descriptions are many, but what they have in common is their loyalty to one another, and their skill at bloodletting.


Aram Ophis captain, veteran, sometimes the leader.

Tai escaped slave, archer, designated scout, prefers to stay in the background.


A toast for old friends, missing or dead:

(R.I.P.) Ademba  alchemist, councilor of princes, shaman, died at the hands of a mind-controlled friend.

(R.I.P.)Korvin noble braggart and renowned hero, was undone by foul sorcery while battling an undead monster.

(Missing, presumed dead) Hink'af warrior, tactician, was in Khoraja when it burned, current whereabout unknown.

(Missing.) Kiara former slave, now the seneschals bloody left hand. Disappeared during the battle with the cultists in the ancient temple.



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