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They are the Iron-Blooded, this is their story so far.


After the battle where Akbitana, with the help of Shumir, betrayed Khoraja, the survivors band together for survival, what side they were on suddenly no longer relevant as they cut their way through deserters and bandits.

What follows is an adventure involving princes and concubines, sacrifice to elder gods in ancient temples, and creatures that hide in the darkness of old tombs. As they stumble out of the collapsing temple they are greeted by asshuri, and rewarded with chains.

No rest for the wicked or the brave, they escape asshuri clutches and flee to the city of Khoraja with the prince and his women in tow.

Book 1: Khoraja

With reward money to spend in Khoraja this group of ragtag dog brothers have to decide where to earn their next coin. Their decisions quickly leave them in trouble with the authorities and involved in a larger danger that threatens the city.

They are joined by a deadly woman and a mysterious smuggler as they chase to uncover an elaborate plot, before the city becomes a new war zone.

Their search leads them to an abandoned crypt in their search for a legendary thief, but what they find is death, blood … and gold. Fighting otherworldly creatures, cultist, and a sorcerer they end the battle with an earthquake called by their own fell magic.

They are almost undone as they face down an trapped undead sorcerer, losing two of their dog-brothers in the ruins. The survivors decide to leave Khoraja and find a better place to rest and spend their loot. Escaping and decimating their pursuers they are joined by anew recruit.

Book 2: Khorala

A new companion leads them to an abandoned village and a trail that leads to a dark tower …



Home Page

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