Hyrkanian scout and former slave


Long dark hair in a topknot, sinewy and slender build, bears several scars on his back and shoulders from disciplination, and has the tell-tale marks on wrists and ankles from manacles.
Rarely speaks, pragmatic, stoic and observant.


Homeland: Hyrkania
Archetype: Messenger
Nature: Sneaky
Caste: Escaped Slave
Trait: Stalked Like Prey
Education: On Your Own Terms
Bloodline: Lemuria

Taken from his homeland as a youth, esaped his masters and has been trying to return home since then. But life has a tendency to push him into other events. Until he finds a way to reach his homeland he makes a living as a mercenary, scout, archer, tracker, and outrider.

The horse’s name is Hawk.


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